Thursday, 28 July 2011

Filming - The School Scenes

Our first shoot for the music video didn't go quite to plan! We decided to film the 'school' narrative part of the music video first. We had prepared much of our mise-en-scene before starting, such as the banner above the door and flags on the walls. Someone also managed to get hold of a pair of pompoms!

We began setting up o film after school, but quickly realised that we had picked the wrong location to film in! There were fashion show rehearsals and sports day try-outs going on, so our filming kept getting interrupted. Another problem we came across was the number of people trying to direct the shoot. As the whole class is working on the same video, everyone had different opinions, so there was a lot more discussion than there was filming.

After only getting a few shots we decided to call it a day, and try another time, when we were a lot more organised and everyone had their own roles.

For our second shoot we decided to move our location to somewhere a lot quieter. This worked out really well as we had a lot less interruptions. However, lighting was a problem as the location was a lot darker than the previous one, so we decided to use extra lights to brighten up the set. This time we also decided on who would be taking the main roles of camera and director to prevent any disagreements. We were able to film a good portion of the school scene, so this shoot was a lot more successful!

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