Saturday, 20 August 2011

Filming - The Performance

After our experiences filming with such a large crew, we used only three people to direct and film the performance scenes with four performers. Martin directed the shoot with George A and Dan F filming, whilst myself, Josh, Dan C and Martin performed as the band! With regards to location, we decided to shoot this scene in the drama studio. The whole room is painted black and it also has stage lighting which we were keen to use. Alice and Leah had written the words Riot! over lots of pieces of black sugar to recreate the walls in the videos, so we stuck those onto the walls with blu-tack. We didn't have enough time to get proper costumes ready and I wasn't up for dying my hair orange, but I did get hold of a red t-shirt to wear!

The shoot went very well and only took around two hours. We shot a few of the crucial shots on their own and separately. For the rest of the shots we performed the whole song a number of times to allow George and Dan to get a wide variety of shots.  I must say it was all very exhausting! It all paid off though because we got all of the shots we needed that could be put together to form our video!

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