Monday, 17 October 2011

Sexualisation of Women in the Media

I really wanted to look more closely at how the media industry began to sexualise women through advertising, television and film. I began by looking at some older adverts and discovered that the objectification of female bodies has become more and more apparent over the years.

During and after the 80's most picked up on the notion that sex really does sell. It became more common to see increasingly sexual advertisements. The American Apparel and Gossip Girl interest me in particular because of the ages of the girls; they look too young to be featured in these adverts.

Now I have a basic idea of the ways in which sexualisation and objectification have developed in the media, I would like to focus in on music videos and the objectification of both female artists and video extras used in male artists' videos. It is also important that I look at contemporary examples of young girls in music videos.

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