Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Choosing My Magazine Advert

After getting some feedback on my original advert I decided to play around with the layout of the text.

Above are two of the rough layouts I came up with. Someone suggested I try putting the band name at the top so I tried this. However, this made the middle space look very empty, so I moved the album information into the centre to fill the space.

Final Advert

It was pointed out to me that using a release date would significantly reduce the amount of time a advert can be shown for. I decided to change the release information so that the advert could be featured in magazines over a longer period of time. I also played around with the levels of the image, adjusting brightness and contrast to make it stand out more. 
Overall I am really pleased with my poster. I feel that my research into conventions of alternative rock advert and album covers really influenced my final product.

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