Thursday, 29 December 2011

Narrative Storyline Alterations

Rather than focus on the direct exploitation of underage models, I want to look more indirectly at the effects of sexualisation of young girls in the media. I felt that the idea of direct exploitation is a very sensitive subject and I would have to be careful with how I went about filming it, as I had some trouble with my magazine advert; as it implied nudity I had to be very careful about who my model was.

I went back to the drawing board! I had recently watched an in-depth documentary on Channel 5 entitled "Kate Thorton - Anorexic: My Secret Past". It focused on the actresses childhood and teenage years, when the pressure of aspiring to be an actress caused her to develop Anorexia Nervosa. Again, I was reminded of the Dove advert for their campaign.

Using the combined ideas of how advertising in the fashion industry puts pressure on girls to look good and the development of psychological disorders, I will still be able to use some of my original ideas. This means that I can safely explore the controversies and won't have to worry about representing something which is too risky! However, I still need to be sensitive about the subject and how I use Kristie to portray Anorexia and the causes.

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