Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ideas and Developments

So far I have decided a few things:

  • I would like the video to be sinister.
  • I would like to have some lyrics/visual relationships.
  • I want a young woman to be featured in the video, as the main focus.
  • I will feature some lip-synching from a male.
  • I will use the forest as a main location for the video.
With regards to casting my artist/girl I already have people in mind. For the male artist, who will be doing the lip syncing I would like to use my brother, James. 

I have asked a friend, Kristie, to play the part of a girl. She is 14 and has done some professional modelling. She has the perfect look I was picturing for my video. This also means she will be good at taking direction and look great on a digi-pack and magazine advert.

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