Friday, 23 September 2011

Texts Featuring Forests

After the initial inpiration of using the woods and forest in my music video, I wanted to do some research into other music videos, adverts and films which feature this location.

This music video is for the band HEALTH's song "We Are Water". Although it's incredibly gory and very sinister I do quite like the video. I am especially attracted to the lighting and the use of slow motion. Another aspect I find really interesting is the visible snow/particles falling through the air... it almost adds a sense of calm to the horrific scene.

This is a trailer for the 2007 horror film "Shrooms". I have watched the film a few times and they manage to make the woods look really, really creepy. This is possibly down to the mist that is present in a lot of scenes in the forest.

Paramore's music video for 'Decode' is set in the forest for both the concept part and the performance part of the music video. I especially love the tracking shots which are sped up, it creates a really sinister but interesting effect; especially when the camera dodges the trees! It also features clips from the film 'Twilight'.

I found this music promo on Vimeo. It is for a band called Black Black Hills and there is a really interesting paragraph below the video which tells you what the director's inspiration was. This is what they said:
"The outcome of our efforts was a unique take on the idea of a modern gothic thriller. A story that combines the sort of imagery familiar to ancient folklore, pagan-esque ceremonies and the creepy stuff of ‘pulp literature’ style ghost stories. ‘The Celebration’ purposefully sets out to embrace the notion of a ‘British Mythology’. To create a contemporary fable that celebrates the mystifying forces of nature which lie deep within the ancient woodland and forests of rural England."
I really like the idea of using ghost stories and the local area to create a music video!

I also remembered seeing this advert on television a few months ago. It's for a newly opened ride at Alton Towers "TH13TEEN". A very scary advert to be shown on television if you ask me! The slogan is "If you go down to the woods today, you better not go alone" which I'm sure people would obey after seeing the advert. Again the use of fog in the forest and high contrast creates very sinister silhouettes and outlines of the trees against the grey sky. The black branches also create a strong contrast with the girl's white dress and pale skin, like a battle between good and evil.

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