Friday, 30 September 2011

Focus Group Feedback

Recently I presented my ideas to the rest of my class. I explained my ideas of using the woods and a sinister story-line and then how, through the lyrics, I thought of using a stalker. We also re-played the song so they could listen and even played it over the start of 'Winter Stalker'.

Here are a few suggestions that people made:
  • Include lip-syncing in the form of writing and mouthing the lyrics - possibly writing a letter.
  • Using black blood instead of red blood - could prevent it become clichéd.
  • Keep the idea of Kristie running through the forest.
  • Whilst some agreed with the video being sinister, a couple of people questioned this.
  • The best suggestion and idea I was given was whether the stalker should be male or female.
I found the discussion really useful, as a first form of audience feedback. I was also intrigued by the idea of using another female as the 'stalker' character so I would like to look into it more.

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