Friday, 30 September 2011

First Concept/Narrative Idea

I came up with the idea of Kristie running/exploring in the forest (loads of opportunities for different shots). Every now and then she turns around and laughs/smiles at camera -- but within these shots there is a flashback/forward (the audience don't know) of her running terrified... kind of like a graphic match of her two expressions.

She finally runs to this odd, run down hut thing (it's in the forest near my house) and goes inside. She finds a piece of broken mirror (referred to in the lyrics) and picks it up. When she looks in it, her reflection has blood all over her face.

She touches her face but there is no blood. As she goes to leave, she sees a girl and a scary figure (haven't decided what he looks like yet) struggling and watches from inside the hut. She witnesses the man kill the girl and leave, so she runs to help the girl. As she does so she drops the piece of mirror.

She runs to help the girl, but when she arrives at the place she doesn't find a body, just an identical piece of mirror to the one she dropped. She looks in it once again and sees blood on her face, and the audience see the reflection of the scary man standing behind her. He mouthes the last lyrics "Baby you're never gonna let it go" just as the song finishes.

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