Sunday, 20 November 2011

Creating My Magazine Advert

My model came over to the photography studio after school so that I could take some photographs of her holding my signs. She was really willing to pose how I wanted and was comfortable with the shots. She is also 18 so there are no problems with the suggested nudity. I needed to take some test shots first to make sure the studio lighting was correct and that the camera was focused.
 It didn't take long because I knew exactly what I wanted the photographs to look like. I took shots with the model in different parts of the frame; below are a few of the results.
I decided that the last photo would look good on the magazine advert, where as the landscape, more centred photos would look best on the album cover. I was really pleased with the photos as they looks really effective and the signs stood out too.
I needed to create a new band 'logo' to go on both my advert and my digipak. This time I just went for black and white as I thought this would go best with my photo; I did not want the writing to take away from the photo, just to soften it slightly. 
I went online to look for a suitable font. In the past I have found this method really useful as you can discover some really unusual but effective fonts to download for free. I came across one called 'Bright Young Things'. When I gained feedback, many agreed that the font went with the alternative rock genre of my song, which was really good to know. I decided to use this font for my logo.
I did need to retouch the photographs a bit. I found this quite easy as I have used photoshop before. I used the clone stamp tool to edit the underwear out of the photograph as I felt it was ruining the illusion.
 Although some adverts do not feature a record label logo, I decided to add mine. I found the Beggars Banquet logo online and pulled that onto the poster. I decided to put it in the bottom right corner of the poster so it is not too obvious but can subtly be seen.
 I erased some of the background on the image to make it blend in nicely with the advert background.
The finished advert! I will be getting some audience feedback on it to see how effective it is.

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