Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shot List Vs. Storyboard

As I've begun to really plan what shots I want in my video, I have found it increasingly difficult to log them. I started to create a storyboard, but I found that it took much too long and it was hard to decide which shots could go where. I just couldn't create a sequence of drawings. 

I then decided to have a look at shot lists. I created a template on Word which I could fill in as I came up with shot ideas:
I found it much easier using the shot list, because I want many of my shots and cuts to coincide with the beats of the song. This means that the shot list is precise and I can shoot efficiently. It can also be used during the editing process. To fill it in I listened to the music, looked at the lyrics and visualised what I want to happen at certain points within the video.

Using the shot list has proved really effective, however I also like to sketch out a shot here and there to see what it would look like.

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  1. I think the descriptions need to be slightly more detailed and also the performance notes and technical notes are important. They would save time and energy and make you feel more organized.