Sunday, 13 November 2011

Logos and Magazine Adverts

After choosing what my band would be called a began to experiment with some logos which I could use on the magazine advert and the digipak. This is an initial logo I have come up with. I decided to link the first letter of each word as they are all nicely curved. Obviously the acronym of the band name is SOD! I also thought the logo needed some colour and decided to use the colour red because black and red are recognised colours within the 'rock' genre.
I then changed the font used in my logo and decided that I preferred this one.
Even without thinking about designing my advert, I was playing around with some new Photoshop 'brushes' and created the image below. Even though I was just messing around, I was really pleased with the effect they gave and thought this may look quite good on an advert.
I then started to create an advert as a 'mock-up', just adding whatever came to mind and laying it out in different ways. 
When looking for feedback, it was apparent that "Naked Truth" looked more like the name of the band, rather than the name of the album.
I decided to swap the two titles around to make it very clear that "Second One Down" was the band name and "Naked Truth" was the album name and it looked much better.
 However, this poster was only a mock-up. Other feedback I received revealed that people thought it looked more like a film poster than an advert and quite like a 'Twilight' film poster in particular. Although this was not an adequate advert, I have learnt a lot through the process, especially that feedback from others is invaluable!
I also need to look at some alternative rock magazine adverts to get an idea of the kinds of images and text they use to advertise bands and albums.

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