Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Preparing for My Advert Photoshoot

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted my signs to look like for the album cover image/advert image. I wanted the signs to stand out a bit more rather than just write on cardboard, so I decided to try cutting out each letter and sticking them on another piece of cardboard. 
I started by printing out the words 'Naked Truth' off the computer, in a font I liked, large, on two pieces of A4 paper. I then cut out each letter individually, put it on a piece of cardboard and drew around it in pencil.
I then used a small craft knife to cut out the cardboard letter. This proved really tricky!
Both words completed.
I also had to make sure the cardboard was wide enough to cover the body.
To make the sign stand out more I decided to put a border of cardboard around the edges, made out of strips of leftover cardboard.
I just stuck the letters and border on using Prit-stick.
I found that when I took photographs of the signs using the flash, the letters didn't stand out. I coloured in the letters and borders using black marker pen.
The final signs! I am really, really pleased with how they look and hope they look good in my photographs.


  1. This is brilliant :) x

  2. Thanks Jenny! It took about 3 hours to do! x

  3. Love this idea do you mind if I use it to decorate my Bedroom x